on’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking.” (Romans 12:2, The Message)

Have you ever gone swimming in the ocean before?  If you have, you may have noticed this pattern before.  If you stay in the same place, the current will take you miles and miles away from your original destination.  Although you didn’t make any effort to move backwards, the pattern took you there. 

Step Out of the Pattern

Our scripture today speaks of a pattern that the world tries to manipulate our minds to conform to.  If we are not mindful of the pattern, like floating in the ocean, we will be miles and miles away from our original destination with God.  

The enemy wants nothing more than for you to be miles and miles away from who God has created you to be, without you even noticing it. In fact, he would have you so convinced in your mind that you are the exact same person, even though you have clearly drifted away. 

As believers, we need to be aware of the pattern so that we do not drift away from who God has called us to be. Today, submit to God and ask for Him to reveal the ways that you have been stuck in the system of the world.  Ask the Holy Spirit to shed insight into the lies that have conformed your way of thinking.  Know this - God wants your life to be out of the patten, so that He can work through you for His glorious kingdom. 

  • Think of your life as a pattern, what does it move towards?  God or the enemy?
  • What is one bad choice that is keeping you stuck in the pattern?  
  • Today, step out of the pattern and into the kingdom of light.  If you would like to learn more about stepping out of the patten, read this blog about renewing your mind. 

Jun 29, 2021
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