What are the Seven Spirits of God
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How To Pray To God Through Psalms 23

Psalms 23 is a weapon in the arsenal of a prayer warrior. Its poetic passion teaches us how to pray to God. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says for us to "pray without ceasing." Luke 18 teaches us to be persistent in our prayers. Every day, prayer is our position of power to triumph over the powers of darkness and to release the Kingdom of Heaven into the earth. 

The Dangers of Half Hearted Faith: The Rich Young Ruler (Matthew 19:16-30)

The rich young ruler didn't want Jesus to change him; he just wanted a list on how to do it himself. This resonates true for us as well. If given the option between a checklist on how to follow Jesus or to follow Him radically, we would prefer...

What is Faith? Top Bible Verses On Faith

Faith has been a word that I have heard my entire life. I am sure if you are reading this that the same is true for you. It has not been until my older years in the Lord that I have grown to learn the real reasons why faith is so important. Perhaps even more important is to understand when we are not ÔÇťinÔÇŁ faith. Being ÔÇťinÔÇŁ faith is something, Hebrews 11:6 teaches us, that truly pleases our Heavenly Father.┬á

Salvation? What John 3:16 Has To Do With It

If you are around church going people long enough, you will here this verse quoted. Perhaps, it is the most recognizable verse in the Bible. But what is behind this verse? Why did Jesus feel it was necessary to reveal this truth during a conversation with a skeptic, behind the scenes disciple. These are..

Am I a Lukewarm Christian? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Sometimes the enemy of God is not evil; it is something far less opposing on the outside and therefore makes itself out to be something that one can novelly pursue, with the full intent on even pleasing God, yet missing out on God entirely. Yes, you may have guessed it. Often, the enemy of God is not evil. It is the extra ÔÇťoÔÇŁ to God - ÔÇťGood.ÔÇŁ┬á