It's time to take back the minds of the digital age.

We believe that it's time to harness the power of the digital realm to bring hope, healing, and spiritual support to people in need. Our vision is to fully fund, a unique online platform where individuals from all walks of life are equipped with resources and training to accelerate and mobilize the gospel

The largest mission field known to man is online.

Loneliness, anxiety, and a quest for meaning are more prevalent than ever. We recognize that there is a profound need for a space where people can turn to find guidance and community when they need it most that’s just one click away. 

We are creating gospel centered content when and where people need it the most.

While at the same time, mobilizing the online body of Christ and reaching users online where they are at 6+ hours a day. 

Grab some attention with this short headline.

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From the Founders

Behind the Digital Movement

What We Are Believing For

Our 2024 Risks

365 Salvations or Rededication's
Through online community, led 365 online users to salvation or rededication's to Christ
Digital Prayer and Support
Provide digital pastorship through prayer support and online trainings 
Grow Social Media Following
Hire social media coordinator and grow social media following to 12k (1k per month)
Create 12 Challenges that Target Deeper Connection with God
Create 12 challenges (in the style of online courses) that equip believers in identity, evangelism, being led by the Holy Spirit and how to hear from God 
Conduct Live Online Trainings
Conduct monthly Story of God online trainings with an average of 10 to 15 attendants
Send 365 Digital Care Packages
Send 365 digital care packages (one per day) to people in need online 
Share 52 Salvation/Healing Testimonies
Share 52 testimonies (1 per week) of the gospel being shared by b2c team
Create Daily Encounter Program
Create daily devotional program that users subscribe to that enhances daily walk with God
Create 12 Ebooks on Deeper God Connections
Create 12 ebooks (1 per month) that target deeper spiritual connection with God and elevates fruits/gifts of the spirit
Launch Merch Store
Launch merch store that brings between two criminals on the ground level to elevate personal evangelism
Host 2 Online Healing Webinars
Host 2 online healing webinars that brings B2C community together
Produce 1,000 articles
Write 1,000 articles (around 2 per day) that answer key biblical/faith questions online users are asking
Find Two Sponsors
Establish two online partners/relationships that benefit the kingdom through our online platform

Partnership Benefits

Sowing into the Harvest
Your partnership allows us to go after the online audience that is desperate for answers. With your help, we can take back the minds of our kids and idle christians with resources that equip them to share the gospel.
Tax Savings
 Access to a library of discipleship materials, including e-books, videos, and courses on spirituality, personal growth, and holistic well-being.
Unlimited Access to Resources
Your church or organizations reaps the benefits of your recurring partnership with an exclusive all access pass to online trainings, resources and daily encounters program. What looks like a monthly donation to you is free resources for them.
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