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Mind Makeover: FREE 7 Day Devotional

Over the course of seven days, this devotional guides you through a process of renewing your mind according to God's Word. Each day's reflection is designed to reshape your thought patterns, bringing them into alignment with biblical truths and fostering spiritual growth.

7 Days
Kyle Echols
B2C Founder

What Is Included?

This incredible devotion aims for a complete mind makeover in just 7 days. Each day, Kyle will walk you through the main idea and thought for the day followed by a key scripture and prayer. Transformation is just 7 days away!

Day 1 - The Call to Renewal

Day 2 - The Mind's Battlefield

Day 3 - Choosing Your Thought Patterns

Day 4 - Guarding Your Mental Gates

Day 5 - Immersed in God's Word

Day 6 - Prayer and Surrender

Day 7 - Transformation in Christ

About the Author

Kyle first received a prophetic word on becoming a pastor at the ripe age of 10. Since that day, he has positioned his heart towards that calling. He has been in active ministry for over 16 years serving the church as youth pastor, worship pastor, young adult and lead pastor.

He married to the love of his life and together they raise 4 amazing children, Reese, Jude, Asher and Olive.

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