About B2C

Introducing Between Two Criminals

Between two criminals is more than a blog; it's a reading community
that is passionate about the Bible and the power of Scripture and faith in our lives.

Between Two Criminals, a Passion Project

Between two criminals has been a passion of ours for many years. We have long seen a community of believers that join in writing about their love of their faith. What unites us? It is the man who hung between two criminals. By Him, we have been able to see our created purpose and understand our created value. We seek to bring an authentic voice to a sometimes very water down system of belief. We are not here to point any fingers or to try and solve the deepest mysteries of Scripture. Our intent is only to bring a fresh voice on an already fantastic history of Christian commentary.

More About Our Writing Community

We have a dream that our writing community will expand globally. Our desire is for every nation to contribute to the between two criminals' blog. Our writers, for now, are not paid. They are only passionate about bringing a fresh, authentic voice to the community of believers that follow the man hung between two criminals for our salvation.

We simply want to love people through the written word. Again, our desire is not to point any fingers but to simply partner with people through conversation. Difference may be unavoidable, given the nature of what many believe about God. This is okay. What interests us the most is not who is right or wrong, but the spirit of our conversation. Through disagreement, one can still love the other and want what is best for them.

Again, our desire is not to point any fingers, but to simply partner with people through conversation.

For this reason, our writers are careful not to point fingers, but rather to invoke healthy conversation on all matters of faith.

Love Never Fails

Our aim, as a community of writers, is for every person to know that they are loved by God. As 1 Corinthians 13:8 teaches us, "Love never fails." With this at the forefront of everything that we do, we invite you into the larger conversation and ask you to consider the question. What would the world look like if we loved like Jesus?