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How To Renew Your Mind 

As a Christian, learning how to renew your mind is pivotal. Paul teaches us in Romans 12 that practice of renewing our minds in God's Word transforms our entire lives! Do you want to live a life that is radically transformed? Learn these pivotal truths to...
Spirit Filled Life

How To Speak In Tongues: Why You Should or Shouldn’t

he subject of speaking in tongues is probably one of the most divisive topics in the church. In most cases, it makes more sense to never bring up the matter than to have a healthy discussion on the meaning of it. Some Pastors would shun at the idea of learning how to speak in tongues, and would rather deal at the rather shove it aside and deal with it on a need to know basis, others...
Spirit Filled Life

What Happened After Pentecost?

Through one direct encounter with the Holy Spirit, the entire world changed. What happened after Pentecost should light a fire underneath every believer in the man who hung between two criminals. The Word of God commands believers to be filled...
Spirit Filled Life

What Does It Mean To Be Spirit Filled?

In the Bible, we are commanded to be filled with the spirit as believers. What does that commandment look like in our daily lives? Paul makes it clear, in order to walk into the full capacity of what God has for us as believers, we need the Holy Spirits’ help. Today, our aim is to carefully walk through Ephesians 5:18 with humility and to provide an authentic look at what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit.