remember the first time I heard a preacher mention the seven spirit of God's. Coming from his mouth, it kinda sounded a little odd to me. I had no idea it was even a scripture. To my surprise, after learning more about the seven spirits of God and doing research myself in scripture, it has become a bookmarked page in my Bible.

The prophet Isaiah has this amazing revelation on the seven spirits or aspects of the Holy Spirit that help us understand who God is more profoundly. Before we dive into what they are, let's unpack a little who the Holy Spirit is and it's role in our life.

The Spirit of God is the Holy Spirit

The Spirit of God is the Holy Spirit. The third person of the trinity, he is sent by Jesus Christ to bring sanctification and help us live holy lives as we walk with Him.

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The Spirit of God is the Gift of the Father

The Holy Spirit is the gift of God, who is love. He gives us the ability to live in harmony with God and each other by helping us to know what is right and good. The Spirit helps us see how we can be like Jesus Christ, who loved everyone without discrimination or prejudice.

Through his Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, God has revealed himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit: one divine nature expressed in three distinct Persons--Father, Son and Holy Spirit--yet always remaining one God (Matt 28:19).

If you would like to dive deeper into this topic, I have provided an in depth article on being filled with the Holy Spirit here.

The Comforter or Advocate is a Person

The Holy Spirit is a person. He is not an impersonal force or energy, but rather a member of the Trinity who indwells us and empowers us to do God's work on earth.

The Bible tells us that "God's Spirit" dwelled in people like Moses (Exod 31:3), David (Ps 51:11), Elijah (1 Kings 19:10), John the Baptist (Luke 1:15) and Jesus Christ himself (John 17). The Holy Spirit also inspired men like Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel to write Scripture under his guidance.

What are the Seven Spirits of God?

The seven spirits of God are found in the book of Isaiah, chapter 11 and verse 2. They are as follows:

1. The Spirit of the wisdom

2. The Spirit of Lord

3. The Spirit of understanding

4. The Spirit of counsel

5. The Spirit of power

6. The Spirit of knowledge

7. The Spirit of the fear of the Lord

Are the Seven Spirit Contrary to the Holy Spirit?

After reading about the seven spirit in book of Isaiah, it is very easy to ask yourself "now what a minute, I thought there was only one spirit - the Holy Spirit?" That's exactly correct. Since there is only one Holy Spirit, we can interpret the seven spirit as expressions of the Holy Spirit. Hence, the character traits of the Holy Spirit begot wisdom, understanding, counsel, power, knowledge and the fear of the Lord.

The Seven Spirits of God are seven aspects of God that act as guides for us on our journey through life. They are an empowerment from the Holy Spirit to set believers on the path of victory in life. They are not meant to be interpreted apart from the Holy Spirit. Instead, they come from the Holy Spirit who is God.


Feb 17, 2023
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