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Top Bible Verses About Baptism for 2023

Baptism means more than just getting wet; it's an outward sign of an inward change--it symbolizes washing away evil thoughts and actions from your past life so that they no longer control or define who you are now as a child of God who loves others unconditionally without any expectation other than love being returned back again.

10 Best Bible Verses About Hope In Hard Times for 2023

It's hard to be hopeful in the midst of suffering. But the Bible reminds us that we have a God who loves us and will see us through our darkest days. He knows our struggles and can comfort us when we're at our lowest point. Here are some verses about hope from Scripture:

Why Was Jesus Christ Crucified?

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is an important event in history. The manner in which he died was intended to be an act of atonement for sins, but it also serves as a demonstration of God's love for us. His sacrifice reminds us that we are called to follow his example and give ourselves up for others.

Is Smoking Weed a Sin?

For many years, marijuana has been considered a dangerous drug that could lead to addiction. Over the past decade, however, laws have reversed this "dangerous" label. So is smoking weed a sin?

Can a Narcissist Change?

If you are in an abusive relationship with someone suffering from NPD (or if you are dating a narcissist), then there is hope! God has not left us without help when it comes to dealing with this kind of person in our lives.

What is the Shortest Book in the Bible?

The book of 3 John is the shortest book in the bible, containing only 15 verses. It is a letter written by the apostle John to Gaius, who was a friend of his. This letter was probably written sometime between AD 90 and 96. The word "truth" is mentioned only six times. Giaus is celebrated for his commitment to service. While at the same time, John rebukes the actions of Diotrephes (a church member who is causing issues).

How Tall was Jesus?

Jesus is often depicted as a tall, lean man who towers over his disciples. Scholars tend to agree that Jesus was about 5'7" (1.70m), or slightly taller than average for a man of his day. A recent study finds that the average height of an adult male in first-century Palestine was 5'3". In order to understand how tall Jesus was compared to other men, we need to know what he looked like and where he came from.

Is Smoking a Sin?

The Bible says that all sin is a violation of God's law. It's an offense against God and it causes us to lose relationship with Him. But the good news is that Christ rescues us from our sins and offers us life in His kingdom.