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Daily Devotionals

The Debt of Love

Have you ever wondered why God places so many people in your life that you particularly don’t like? This is God’s way of encouraging us to get into love debt with them. His goal for us is to love them without ever expecting them to pay it back. By this, God’s love is perfected in us.
Daily Devotionals

Step Out of the Pattern

As believers, we need to be aware of the pattern so that we do not drift away from who God has called us to be. Today, submit to God and ask for Him to reveal the ways that you have been stuck in the system of the world. 
Daily Devotionals

Finding God’s Perspective

As believers, we must go to God when we are feeling lost in life. Like God did with Elijah, He will correct the lies that are taking our minds captive and set our lives ablaze to the truth of His Word.
Daily Devotionals

Go to God

Jesus called the blind man’s life into action. Jesus was sent in order to bridge the communion gap sin had separated between humanity and God. The gap was brought about by the first human's distrust in God.
Daily Devotionals

God Notices You

As Christians, we often believe those who need our help will find us. It appears, Jesus didn’t think that way. He went looking for the man. Like Jesus, we must be the ones going out and finding those who are in desperate situations.

A Healthy View on The Transgender Christian Conversation

Most of the transgender Christian conversation never advances beyond pure subjective thought and reasoning. A transgender feels bullied because a Christian does not accept their idealogy on the inclusion of transgender. Likewise, the Christian feels that if they stand for trangerism they are standing against the way God designed humanity.

My Sheep Hear My Voice Meaning 

"My sheep hear my voice" is a direct statement from Jesus on the type of relationship his follower's experience. But how does on actually hear from God? It is audible? We dive into these questions and much more in...

How To Renew Your Mind 

As a Christian, learning how to renew your mind is pivotal. Paul teaches us in Romans 12 that practice of renewing our minds in God's Word transforms our entire lives! Do you want to live a life that is radically transformed? Learn these pivotal truths to...