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Daily Devotionals

The Debt of Love

Have you ever wondered why God places so many people in your life that you particularly donÔÇÖt like? This is GodÔÇÖs way of encouraging us to get into love debt with them. His goal for us is to love them without ever expecting them to pay it back. By this, GodÔÇÖs love is perfected in us.

What Does It Mean To Be Known By God?

There is no greater feeling on earth than to connect and communion with God. Although this is the greatest pursuit on earth, when one considers to purse this, they must first consider a larger question. What does it mean to be known by God? In answering this question a believer positions himself...

A Prayer For Musicians 

Being a musician for the past 15 years of my life, I can honestly say I know a prayer or two regarding this subject. For most of us, prayer comes at a desperate time in our life where we are looking for clarity and supernatural strength. Most often, prayer is a response when facing a difficult situation. While all of these are legitimate reasons for prayer, they also speak..

How To Date God

This story unlocks the second door for us in how to date God. We have to be in the correct posture! Meaning, we have to get at the masters' feet and now allow the tide of busyness to push us further and further away from spending time with the Lord. If we do not change..

The Dangers of Half Hearted Faith: The Rich Young Ruler (Matthew 19:16-30)

The rich young ruler didn't want Jesus to change him; he just wanted a list on how to do it himself. This resonates true for us as well. If given the option between a checklist on how to follow Jesus or to follow Him radically, we would prefer...