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What is the Longest Chapter in the Bible?

Reading scripture is the single greatest privilege of any one who follows the man who hung between two criminals. When going through the Bible, what is the longest chapter? Why is it so long? These are the questions for today's post.

What Does "Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness" Really Mean?

What if a believer's hunger and thirst for God's righteousness was so strong that it compelled them to live it out in every area of their life? The answer to this question is not only possible, but today’s post will show you how to get there.

My Sheep Hear My Voice Meaning 

"My sheep hear my voice" is a direct statement from Jesus on the type of relationship his follower's experience. But how does on actually hear from God? It is audible? We dive into these questions and much more in...

How To Renew Your Mind 

As a Christian, learning how to renew your mind is pivotal. Paul teaches us in Romans 12 that practice of renewing our minds in God's Word transforms our entire lives! Do you want to live a life that is radically transformed? Learn these pivotal truths to...

Psalms 1 Meaning: The Blessed Walk

The meaning of Psalms 1 is foundational for anyone who follows the man who hung between two criminals. Known for its poetic proclamation of the blessed life, it’s constant reassurance for those who turn to God’s Word in times of need satisfies every thirsty...

Psalms 91 Prayer Guide

Psalms 91 is perhaps the most famous psalm outside of Psalms 23. It is a psalm of divine protection. When prayed effectively with faith, it has the potential to release God’s complete peace upon your life. When facing a crisis, praying Psalms 91 will combat any fearful thought or emotion. Today, our goal is to effectively walk through the entire Psalm together aiming to guide ourselves into the arms of God’s divine promises over your life.

Spiritual Warfare: How Jesus Fought Satan Through God's Word

For many Christians, the subject of spiritual warfare (or any other evil in the heavens scenario) is way too far out there for them to think about. For others, it is a subject that they educate themselves to fill their daily obsession. I believe both..

Solving For Spiritual Warfare: 25 Life Giving Scriptures

Jesus, before he even performed his first miracle, was already engaged in spiritual warfare in Matthew 4. As Christians, we will be faced with the same battle if we intend to wholeheartedly follow all that God has planned