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The Power of the Tongue: A Biblical Perspective on Harnessing Words for Blessings

The power of the tongue is a profound concept within Christianity. As believers, we have the privilege and responsibility to use our words for good, following the example set by God through His creative word and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

30 Powerful Bible Verses About Temptation & How the Holy Spirit Empowers Us to Overcome

The Holy Spirit's indwelling presence within believers is a powerful resource that enables us to overcome temptation and live victorious lives in Christ. As followers of Jesus, we are not left to face the struggles of life on our own. Instead, the Holy Spirit empowers us, guides us, and strengthens us to resist temptation and walk in obedience to God's will. 

10 Best Bible Verses About Hope In Hard Times for 2023

It's hard to be hopeful in the midst of suffering. But the Bible reminds us that we have a God who loves us and will see us through our darkest days. He knows our struggles and can comfort us when we're at our lowest point. Here are some verses about hope from Scripture:

Is Cursing a Sin? The Answer May Surprise You

My oldest son has just now entered High school and recently he had a discussion centered around cussing. For him, as he has gotten older, there has been months (if not years) where he wouldn’t hear a cuss word. Now, the opposite seems true. He cannot go a day without hearing one. For this reason I sought to look for Biblical answers to a very common question, and today I want to share that knowledge.
Daily Devotionals

Finding God’s Perspective

As believers, we must go to God when we are feeling lost in life. Like God did with Elijah, He will correct the lies that are taking our minds captive and set our lives ablaze to the truth of His Word.

Happy Prayer, Happy Life: How To Contend For Personal Happiness

If happiness belongs to believers, they should pray happy prayers. So much of the misconceptions of prayer stems from false beliefs about God. Prayer doesn’t have to be the thing Christians dread to do. The opposite is true, it is the life source of every...

Questions From God 

Questions from God has the ability to reposition our hearts and to give us a new perspective on what is possible for good work. We serve a living God. He is in the answer business, and sometimes the only way to get us the answers we are looking for is to ask us the

Three Praises of Jesus in the Psalms

The book of Psalms is one of the most recognizable books in the Bible. It has been said to be the fifth Gospel because of how often Jesus quoted from it. Psalms reveals the heart of a loving Father and the praises of Jesus. Today, our aim...