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What Does "The Joy of the Lord is My Strength" Mean?

Have you ever wondered why it seems some people are happier than others? It is because some people have learned to be happy through God by allowing His Word to be confirmed in their hearts. Today, we will unpack one of the most popular bible verses to learn how we can live a life full of joy.

How Old was Jesus when He Died?

If we’re to follow the example of Jesus and be faithful in giving our lives for others, shouldn’t we also be informed about the actual events of his death? What we believe about Jesus’ death is important. It determines how we live our lives, who we spend them with, and how we view the world.

How Jesus Restores

Jesus gives us an incredible promise. He tells us we can experience eternal life and be restored to a right relationship with God. That is beyond wonderful! Eternal life means far more than just living forever. It means being restored in our relationships with God, others, and ourselves.

What Does "Being Hidden In Christ" Mean?

A believer’s true identity is not based on the things that he does, but on the fact that he has been hidden with Christ in God. Today, we unpack what this looks like and how we can daily hide ourselves in the man who hung between two criminals.

What Does "Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness" Really Mean?

What if a believer's hunger and thirst for God's righteousness was so strong that it compelled them to live it out in every area of their life? The answer to this question is not only possible, but today’s post will show you how to get there.

God Hates Sin, but Loves the Sinner

God hates sin because it alienates us from Him. On the other hand, when we turn to Jesus Christ, He welcomes us with open arms, embracing our changed hearts and minds to write over them the law of love and faith in Him. This is the good news of the gospel. We have been freed from the penalty of sin, so that we may encounter the Love of God through Jesus.
Spirit Filled Life

Yes, even Jesus Laughed

Jesus used humor as a way to connect with people: parables and stories with lessons, practical jokes, loveable eccentricities, overturning social conventions, and common sense. Today, as a pastor and teacher, I’m often told that “Jesus is not a laughing matter.” But Jesus saw things differently. He used humor to communicate the truth of his mission — and connect with others.
Daily Devotionals

The Debt of Love

Have you ever wondered why God places so many people in your life that you particularly don’t like? This is God’s way of encouraging us to get into love debt with them. His goal for us is to love them without ever expecting them to pay it back. By this, God’s love is perfected in us.