e said this and then spit in the dust, made a clap paste with saliva, rubbed paste on the blind man’s eyes, and said, ‘Go, wash at the Pool ofSiloam’ (Siloam means “Sent”).” (John 9:6-7)


After he questioned the disciples, Jesus bent down to the sand and spit in the ground. He made saliva and rubbed it into the blind man’s eyes.For the first time in the story, Jesus spoke to the man. Immediately after he rubbed paste into the blind man’s eyes, Jesus called the blind man’s life into action. Jesus was sent in order to bridge the communion gap sin had separated between humanity and God. The gap was brought about by the first humans distrust in God.

After learning they had been deceived by the words of a serpent, immediately the first couple felt ashamed of themselves. They looked down at their bodies and noticed they had been naked.Experiencing a newfound emotion of loss and absence, they began to look for clothes to cover their bodies. They thought to themselves, we must cover our bodies so that God is not ashamed of us.Soon after this, they heard God’s footsteps in the garden.

They looked for a place to hide themselves because of the newfound guilt sensation.God found them and asked, “Why are you hiding?” They answered by tellingHim the story about how the serpent deceived them.“Who told you you were naked?” God asked them.They thought to themselves for a moment and then looked back a God without an answer.

God then begin to bring to remembrance all the times He told them He loved them. All the times He reminded them that they were His children. About how they never needed to wear clothes around Him because they trusted Him.God had clothed them with his Words of complete acceptance. But now, because of their distrust, they suddenly felt ashamed to be around Him.Their distrust blinded them from having a complete, authentic relationship with Him.

Just as God did in the garden with the first couple, Jesus commanded the man to “Go”. Jesus was compelling this man to trust His Words, knowing if he did, the blind man would be clothed with sight in his eyes.In the same way, God commissions our hearts today to “Go” to Him. He desires for us to trust Him, so they he may clothe us with His identity.


What was the first command Jesus gave to the blind man?

Why do you think Jesus gave the blind man this command?


God has commissioned your heart to Go to Him.

Jun 24, 2021
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