ut of Shadows is a recent documentary with over a million views on Youtube, filmed and produced independently to shed light on the dark secrets of Hollywood, mainly how it has close ties with the CIA and occult.  Found on their website, the film was created to “[lift] the mask on how the mainstream media and Hollywood manipulate and control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.” 

The documentary itself makes some bold claims on the nature of Hollywood and calls into question the powers behind the world’s leading entertainment venue.  In a nutshell, the film seeks to educate audiences on the hidden agenda of Hollywood. Mainly, how it has been used as a vehicle by the CIA to spread propaganda and to manipulate audiences into a false belief system regarding politics and foreign nations.  

If this wasn’t shocking enough, there is also a spiritual side to the film.  The commentators provide accounts of Satanic and occult practices from leading celebrities and how these practices flow into the subconsciousness of audiences all around the world.  

Perhaps the most emotionally potent topics in the documentary surface when it brings to light the sexual crimes and criminal ties of Jeffrey Epstein.  Justifiably, the documentary highlights some important questions to consider regarding the culpability of Epstein’s sex trafficking rings and its proximity to government officials, politicians, and celebrities.  

The documentary takes a simple route to achieve its narrative, revealing photos and scenes from major motions pictures, interviews,  and slicing them around the testimonies of four people: Mike Smith, Brad Martin, Kevin Shipp, and Lizz Crokin. This recipe effectively achieves its purpose in shedding light on the proposed propaganda narrative from the CIA and Hollywood by the filmmakers.  

The Out of Shadows Cast

Mike Smith is the primary voice in the documentary and effectively outlines the issues at hand.  As a leading stuntman in Hollywood, Mike discusses his journey through the entertainment industry from his early days as a stuntman, to becoming a stunt director.  Mike details the horrifying back injury that led him into the discovery process of his faith and the dark ideology behind Hollywood.  

Kevin Shipp is the second person introduced in the documentary and provides an in-depth analysis of the dark hat tricks from the CIA to manipulate mainstream media.  Providing commentary from the experiences of his former life working as a CIA whistleblower, Kevin makes compelling arguments on motion pictures being used as a means for physiological warfare.  

The third member of the Out of Shadows cast is Brad Martin.  Brad serves as an experienced guide in the heart of the entertainment industry.  Known as one of the most prolific stuntmen in Hollywood, Brad brings his heart and passion for truth to screen and does his best to contextualize the weightiness of the dark side of Hollywood.  

Lizz Crokin is the fourth interviewer in the documentary.  As a leading journalist in America, Lizz provides commentary on insightful evidence into the many proposed sex trafficking rings in Hollywood, especially in regards to Jeffrey Epstein.  

The Claims of The Out Of Shadows Documentary 

The documentary is shocking in content and brings to surface some crucial questions.  If the questions are true, at the very least, audiences should question the message of seemingly every movie they have seen.  As for the claims themselves, there are three major claims being identified to the audience.  

  1. Satanic and Occult Influence in Hollywood 
  2. CIA Involvement in Main Stream Media
  3. The Existence of Elite Pedifil Rings

First, the documentary claims there to be Satanic and Occult topics of death, child mutilation, and sex being introduced to audiences without their awareness.  This surge of occult topics reached it peak during the early 60s and 70s with movies like The Exorcist, Amityville Horror, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,  Halloween, and Rosemary’s Baby.  In the same time period as these movies were being introduced, the church of Satan was being established in Hollywood. 

This claim of Satanic influence holds water due to the story of Michael Aquino, who served as a high-level officer in the National Security Agency and was and is a practicing Satanist.  Michael started a Satanic temple of Set in California.  One of his accomplishments was writing a paper called “Mind War” in which he openly suggested occult practices for the advancement of elimination of entire populations. 

Another point in the documentary that highlights occult practices being highly involved in Hollywood is the existence of elite celebrity rings of control.  Lizz Crokin provides commentary onto this by saying in the documentary, “The powerful people at be, rather it be the music industry or the movie industry, [only allow] a certain amount of success if you are willing to join their club… if you are willing to be apart of their secret society.  They will not allow someone to obtain fame and power unless they can control [them]” 

This sentiment is echoed by Kevin Shipp, who suggests that Katy Perry is a prime example of a career going to rise by the help of the Occult.  He states, “Katy Perry was a Gospel singer, very talented, but she was going nowhere.  She got up to Hollywood and basically they said, “you want to be a success, you play by our rules, you step into the occult.” Now, she is doing videos with her in hell [with] Satanic themes…”  

The documentary also calls into question the role that Marina Abramovic plays in mainstream celebrities’ lives like Lady Gaga.  Kevin and Lizz both bring evidence of celebrity parties in with “spirit cooking”, a practice of the occult, was at the very least themed and perhaps practiced.  

CIA Involvement in Mainstream Media 

The second claim the documentary seeks to present is the involvement of the CIA in the media.  This is where Kevin Shipp makes his presence known, offering insight into the CIA office in Hollywood, and to the proposed funneling of a controlled message into the sub consciences of audiences.  

This claim is seemingly justifiable given the history of the CIA program known as Paperclip, which brought Nazi scientists to America.  Kevin takes this a step further by saying, “The CIA is funneling information into Hollywood, Hollywood is putting it into movies, and the population believes it.”

Elite Pedophile Rings 

As a bystander, perhaps the most shocking things to come to terms with watching is the revelation of elite pedophile rings in Hollywood.  In coming to terms with the possibility of such a thing existing, Mike seeks the help of Lizz Crokin, who had done journalistic work in the area.  

Lizz Corkin spends most of her time discussing her findings in the PizzaGate conspiracy, which claimed that Hilary Clinton was involved in emails regarding sex trafficking and satanic practices.  Effectively, she states her case and puts the audience in the position to consider if such a terrible thing could exist in society. 

After she speaks of Pizzagate, Lizz moves out of what consider a conspiracy and straight into the terrible findings of Jeffrey Epstein.  Lizz sheds evidence into the flight logs of those associated with Epstein and how many of the biggest names on the planet can be seen.  She states, “His [Epstein] flight logs contain names of some of the biggest, most famous people, most powerful people on the planet.  Members of the royal family, Prince Andrew, models like Naomi Cambell, famous actors like Kevin Spacey, Bill Clinton…”

Lizz begs the question, out of all the people that went to his private island, how many people were involved in the rap, sex, and trafficking of children?

Out of Shadows Documentary: Fact or Fiction?

The out of shadows documentary does a great job of presenting their claims to you without mudding the waters.  Because of the heavy nature of the film, one can easily lose a grip on the information they are putting out there.  They contend to lift the mask for those who have been brainwashed by Hollywood because of their sinister agenda.  One thing is clear, they have done their homework.  The film leaves you in a position to take the accounts seriously, or to throw them off and as a conspiracy.  

Jun 18, 2020

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