here is much interest in learning about the height and stature of Jesus. Anyone who want's to follow the man who hung between two criminals is naturally interested in learning more about his appearance. This answer can become problematic for us thousands of years later from when Jesus walked the earth.

The question of the height of Jesus was not something the early writers of the New Testament were interested in writing about. Since they had spent time with them, they knew exactly who tall he was. For them, writing about important theological themes to understand the truth of God took preeminence.

Although we cannot fully understand how tall Jesus was, we can for sure take a good estimate guess.

How Tall was Jesus?

Jesus is often depicted as a tall, lean man who towers over his disciples. Scholars tend to agree that Jesus was about 5'7" (1.70m), or slightly taller than average for a man of his day. A recent study finds that the average height of an adult male in first-century Palestine was 5'3". In order to understand how tall Jesus was compared to other men, we need to know what he looked like and where he came from.

What was Jesus' Physical Appearance Like?

Sketched portrait of Jesus Christ.
Christ Portrait by Joseph Brickey

Jesus' physical appearance is described in great detail by the Gospels and other ancient sources, but we don't know exactly how tall he was because no one measured him while he was alive. In fact, we don't even know how old he was when he died! We can only make an educated guess based on what people looked like back then and how old they were when they died.

Where Did Jesus Come From?

In order to understand how tall Jesus was compared to other men, we need to know what he looked like and where he came from.

Jesus was a Jewish man. He lived in Palestine during the Roman Empire, which means that he would have been shorter than the average man of his time because people were shorter then than now due to poor nutrition (especially among children) and lack of medical care. It's likely that Jesus had darker skin and hair than most white Europeans today because most people in Galilee were descendants of ancient Canaanites who lived there since before 1000 B.C., but there were also Greeks, Romans and others living nearby as well..

What was the Common Language of Jesus' Time?

Jesus was probably an Aramaic speaker, which was the common language in his time. He may also have spoken Greek, given that Galilee and Judea were part of the Roman province of Syria.

The region on which Jesus lived is today known as Israel or Palestine.

Curiosity Around Jesus' Height

Many people are interested in learning more about what Jesus looked like‚ÄĒand with good reason! From what we can gather around 1st century civilization, we have an educated guess on the height and appearance of Jesus. No matter how tall or short he was, one thing remains clear - his appearance did not limit his impact on humanity.


Feb 10, 2023

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